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Looking for a High Quality camera system from a reputable Company? You’ve come to the right spot! We are Licensed & Insured and we service most parts of Louisiana. Commercial and Residential installations. Below we have video clips of Four different systems that we install. Each system is two times clearer than one above it.  Pay Once! No Monthly Fees! Text or Call us for an estimate. 337-414-4066

2megapixel Security Camera System

4megapixel -Security Camera System

5megapixel - 24/7 Color Cameras
(Color at Night)

8megapixel Security camera system

Most Recently asked questions?

Do I need to purchase a monitor?

We Can use any Tv that you have an use it as a monitor.

If you choose to go with the 2mp system any tv would work.  If you choose Any one of the other systems it would have to be a 4k TV/Monitor.


What is the difference between the systems?
The resolutions are different. The higher the pixels the better  the cameras will show. 
So each system is clearer than the one above it. 

How many cameras can I add? 
Our packages start with 2 cameras and you can add however many you’d like.

Do I have to have internet for the cameras to work?

The system comes with a dvr box that stores the recordings and that dvr box plugs into your TV.  So you will be able to see the cameras on your TV only until you get internet. Then you will be able to see the cameras on your mobile device.

After installation can we add more cameras?

Yes, just give us a call.